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At AAI, our team is designing and manufacturing innovative life-safety solutions to alert building occupants in an emergency and assist first responders.


After rebranding into AAI in early 2021, we wanted to re-align our true identity. Who is AAI, what do we strive for, and how do we live our company values day in and day out.

Through this process, we identified values that were most meaningful to the way we work and deliver to our customer: Safety, Sustainability, Integrity but most importantly Innovation and People, who are always the center of what we do.

In 2022 our entire organization, led by our Talent and Culture team, guided the re-delineation of the company values, promoting discussions around the meaning of AAI values though vivid description of how we live those values in our teams’ daily life.


We own safety at home, at work, and in what we create.
We always have each other’s backs: when we pay attention to our own safety, we make others safer too.
We are proud to build systems that save lives and make the world a better place.


We embed sustainability into everything we do.
Our business, our environment, our community, and our products.
We recognize that our daily decisions have an impact, and we want it to be a positive one.


Let the life safety detection experts enhance your security portfolio by providing your customers peace of mind from the threat of fire and/or carbon monoxide leaks.


We create solutions that add value for our employees, customers and community.
We think out of the box, never stop researching and wondering about what’s beyond products, processes, ideas.


A foundation of trust built on open, honest communication, always doing the right thing.

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AAI offers a unique experience to develop your skills, have a clear line of sight to your impact, and work for an organization that cares about the individuals as well as the community.